Jeff Foust

Jeff at Fenway Park, 2006 June 19

Welcome to my modest web site. I’m a senior analyst with the Futron Corporation in Bethesda, Maryland, focusing on various aspects of the space industry. By night, weekend, and whenever else I’m not working, I devote my time to a number of side projects (see below) related principally to space and baseball. And, yes, from April to October you can often find me watching a ballgame, on TV or in person.


District of Baseball
A blog about my hometown team, the Washington Nationals
Jeff’s Random Thoughts
A personal blog, hosted at
Personal Spaceflight
A blog about the emerging personal spaceflight (aka “space tourism”) industry
Space Politics
A blog about space policy
The Space Review
A weekly online publication with in-depth essays and commentary about a wide range of space issues
A space news aggregator

Recently Published

“Stress-testing the vision”
The Space Review, February 5, 2007
“Back to the Moon, To Stay?”
The New Atlantis, Winter 2007
“The Vision at three: smooth sailing or rough seas?”
The Space Review, January 15, 2007
“NASA prize money goes unclaimed at the X Prize cup” [with photos]
Astronomy Now, December 2006